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FAQ: Group Cruising Questions

When does boarding begin?

Cruise boarding begins approximately five hours prior to sailing, and all passengers must be checked in at least 90 minutes before sailing.

How many passengers can share one stateroom?

Most staterooms accommodate two passengers; however cabins for 3, 4 or 5 passengers are available

What kinds of activities are available for kids?

Age appropriate activities are offered by each cruise line. Visiting the cruise line website you will be able to see the different programs or activities offered for various age ranges.

How much spending money should I bring?

All of your items purchased on the ship will be charged to your room with the account you setup for your 'Sail and Sign' card. You will mainly use cash in port, although most of the merchants do accept credit/ debit cards.

Are meals included in the cruise pricing?

Yes. Meals are included during the cruises while on the ship. Meals while away from the ship must be paid by the passenger.  Most cruise lines offer premium restaurant options onboard ship that require a nominal cover charge.  It has been our experience that these premium options are well worth the additional money you will spend.

What about gratuities? Who do I tip and how much?

Many cruise lines have made it easy for you to reward excellent service onboard and have added a standard gratuity to your shipboard account for each day of your cruise. The cruise line divides the gratuities among the appropriate persons.  Your room steward will become your best friend.  You may want to consider an additional amount at the end of the cruise for them for outstanding service.  Also, have a little cash available for the porters that take your luggage to the ship and help you with your luggage going through customs when you disembark.

Are there safes in the cabins?

Yes. Most ships have safes available in the cabins. Since the ship cannot accept responsibility for any articles that are lost, stolen or misplaced, valuables may also be placed in a safety deposit box available in the Purser's Office at Guest Services.

Are there blow dryers in the cabins?

Yes, most ships have blow dryers available in the cabin.

Are irons available?

Not in the cabins. However, many ships have self service laundry rooms available with irons and ironing boards. Laundry service is also offered and may incur an additional fee, depending on your accommodations. TIP: Most cruise lines offer special laundry deals halfway through the cruise.  Check your daily cruise line publication for details.

Will I feel confined onboard ship?

Not at all, especially on some of the larger ships. On board these floating resorts, there are plenty of activities, entire decks of sports and entertainment facilities, and lots of space to explore. And of course, you can be on land in different ports-of-call during the cruise.

Is there internet service available onboard ship?

Almost all of today’s ships have wireless capability in Internet Cafes or WiFi spots throughout the ships. Some even have wireless access in the staterooms for personal laptop use. There is a charge for this.  Be sure to check for special pricing advance of the cruise or on embarkation day.

Is there phone and fax service available on ships?

All ships have phone and fax service, and many ships also have mobile phone service capabilities. 

May I use my cellphone onboard ship?

Yes, cell phone service is available onboard the ship, however, International Roaming rates will apply. Please check with your cell phone service provider to determine what the charges will be.

Will I get seasick?

Seasickness is very rare on modern cruise ships. All our ships are equipped with stabilizers which are designed to keep them smooth and steady in the water. If you should feel queasy, medicine is available from your cabin steward, the Information Desk or from the doctor.

Is there a doctor onboard the ship?

Yes, a qualified physician and nurse from the ship's medical staff are on call 24 hours a day. Infirmary hours for medical examinations can be found in at Guest Services. A professional fee will be charged. If you should come down with a contagious disease, or even suspect a contagious disease, it is compulsory that you report it to the ship's doctor for the safety of everyone on board. Should you be on any medication, or want the medical staff to be aware of any special needs, please contact Guest Services. This will ensure they are prepared should you need assistance.

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